Crop planning is essential to a good cropping year and we can help start the year out right!
Rio Creek Feed Mill employs agronomists who help you decide which crops work best for your
soils and what fertilizer and chemical you need to feed and protect your crop.

If you have questions or would like to work with one of our experienced agronomists or our Certified Crop Advisor, contact us by email or call 920-837-2226 and make an appointment, we would be happy to help you get the most from your soil!

Each year, a good amount of time and effort go into choosing varieties, planting, harvesting, and analyzing the data from various test plots. This data helps RCFM recommend the best seed for your operation. Click below to see the data:

Please click on the links below for our 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013 Plot Data 

2023 Plot Data
Winter Wheat Plot - Hallet Dairy Farm LLC
Corn Grain Plot - Hallet Dairy Farm LLC
Corn Silage Plot - Jerry Barta
Soybean Plot - Jerry Barta

2022 Plot Data
Winter Wheat Plot

2021 Plot Data
Wheat Fungicide Plot
Wheat Forage Plot
Winter Wheat Plot
Soybean Plot
Corn Silage Plot

Corn Grain Plot

2020 Plot Data
Spring Wheat Plot - Creek Side Pork
Small Grains Plot - Creek Side Pork

2019 Plot Data
Wheat Fungicide Plot - Creek Side Pork
Corn Silage Plot - Hallet
Corn Harvest Plot - Creek Side Pork

2018 Plot Data
Wheat Variety Plot - Hallet
Prosaro Wheat Plot - Kipp Farms
Oat Variety Plot - Creek Side Pork

2017 Plot Data
Prosaro Timing Plot
Prosaro Wheat Plot
YieldShield Soybean Plot
Soybean Variety Plot
Corn Grain Plot

Corn Silage Plot - Riedy
Enhanced Digestibility Corn Silage Plot - Riedy
Corn Silage Plot - Zeitler


2016 Plot Data
Prosaro Wheat Plot - El-Na Farms
Wheat Variety Plot - Creek Side Pork
Corn Silage Hybrid Plot - Hallet Dairy LLC
Corn Grain Hybrid Plot - Creekside Pork
Corn Silage Fungicide Plot - Jauquet's Hillview Dairy

2015 Plot Data
Corn Grain Plot- Rio Creek
Corn Silage Plot - Rio Creek
Side by Side Plot - ELNA Farm
Levesol Plot - Hafeman
Levesol Plot - Talmadge

2014 Plot Data
2014 Corn Silage Plot - Ebert - Algoma

2014 Corn Grain Plot - Guilette - Rosiere

2013 Plot Data
2013 Grain Plot - Cornette Dairy
2013 Foliar Wheat Products Plot - Creek Side Pork
2013 Wheat Seed Treatment Plot - Creek Side Pork
2013 Liquid Corn Starter Plot - Creek Side Pork
2013 Soybean Foliar Plot - Ed Hanamann


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